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Moving with landscapes

As a Movement Director and Choreographer, Ana’s enthusiasm lies with her strong relationship to wild Scottish landscapes, with the influence on the body through journey and experience within these landscapes integral to her work. Within this inclusive wild space, Ana aims to discover movement stories across Scotland and in doing so, encourage you to move the way you move.

Ana's passion has lead to seeking to engage with movement stories throughout Scotland : from being at sea on a creelers boat on the West Coast - to learning to cut peat on the Outer Hebrides, experiencing these stories of the moving body and the people behind them. Most importantly - Ana is enthusiastic to engage with the people and communities behind these movement stories, histories and traditions - with their conversation and insight equal to the landscape/seascape, at the heart of Ana's inspiration.

This strong connection to the landscapes of Scotland, paired with an unstoppable enthusiasm for adventure works hand in hand for Ana's movement practice - with adventure providing a catalyst for her movement vocabulary and inspiration.

Ana's relationship, moving with Scottish landscapes is fuelled by adventure - whilst actively researching the stories of the moving body in these spaces through the people and communities she meets.


Frequently, the physical journey to these landscapes starts with a chunky self supported cycle. That journey informs Ana's body and mind to move the way she moves - humbled by her tiny size in comparison.  An unparalleled feeling to Ana.

Wild camping and leaving no trace in these landscapes allows Ana to be fully immersed in the wild - rain, wind or beaming sun. Lungs full of wild air, the movement begins the second Ana start's her journey.


With a timely emphasis and growing focus on the future of our relationships to our Scottish landscapes - Ana is driven to cast urgent eyes on the importance of recognising and understanding our interwoven relationship to these landscapes. Seeking to build this much needed focus, respect and reconnection - Ana aims to create space for everyone to be invited back to the wild, raw nature of the outdoors.

Adventure meets movement.

Check Ana's Instagram for frequent updates  @movementbyana_

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BA Hons Dance Artist

MSc Theatre and Performance Studies

Vanishing Point - Supported Artist (Bluebeard’s Castle)

Teaching & Workshops

  • Dance Theatre, Contemporary Dance, Widening Access to the Creative Arts - Movement The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

  • MA & BA Musical Theatre - The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

  • Moving Landscapes Workshop series Movers Group, Nicholas Barton-Wines & Sarah Miele, supported by The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Knowledge Exchange.


Rhythmic Structure / Pig Rock Bothy

Julie Duffy Collaboration - Nominated for The Skinny - Creative Artist Award 2015 The Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh

Check out The Dancing Cyclist tab for more on how adventuring has influenced Ana's practice.

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